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 MAD COW NETWORK Chat Rules and Nettiquete Information READ FIRST

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PostSubject: MAD COW NETWORK Chat Rules and Nettiquete Information READ FIRST   Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:24 am



MAD COW NETWORK chat room is ONE room. You will need to register. The good thing about registering is that nobody can clone you,  and other chat rooms and you have an opportunity to make more friends and so much more.

Having done huge research into what people want on the internet by way of social experience, I have included in our forums this chat room.

Please note that though this community offers a portal into the chat room as an extension, we are still independent from it. MAD COW NETWORK Staff are easily contacted if you have any concerns. MAD COW NETWORK Chat room is run by my personally chosen Moderators because they are good at what they do. Their names are bolded.

When you visit a chat room on the internet, in general If you need to ask a relationship, life problem question etc then it's best that don't bother-  unlikely most people will bother with a straight nor honest, nor accurate answer to anything you have to say. Sad but true, though thankfully there are some people out there who are really lovely people. 

It is to be said that a lot of those who might claim to be "friends" on some Community Boards out there,  and those you meet in their chat rooms are probably few and far between. Therefore the majority of those who claim to be friends on those types of places are likely not. They are merely taggers-on -additions to your Community rep or stats,- Psychic vampires, or unnecessary additions to your Life and are there purely just to attempt to nosey into your world. My advice is to Keep only those true people as friends (Be cautious.) Believe me you will have a more peaceful time there. True friends will show themselves to be sensible, not at all jealous, never paranoid or show obsessive nasty streaks etc.~corpuscontinuummuchocrappo~

But thankfully Our Community board and chat room is different. It is welcoming, tolerant, not discriminative, not filled with drama or spammers and you will not be harassed. It is a safe, friendly place where you can be you, without being bullied for it. It is a place which welcomes all those willing to engage others in decent, random conversation. And guess what? It's OK if you want to be a little bit silly too. That is the point. To have fun and giggle.

The giggle Theory-

Do try to be polite- and maybe just maybe you'll be lucky enough to get some politeness back. As for respect, we expect this.

When you visit other places of chat on the internet, Chat etiquette has long been an unfortunate myth, it seems,- but again, if you give it you might receive it- but here you will find peoples behaviour is different. I find if you are treated with respect, more times than not you will receive the very same reaction in return.

It should be said though, in any place of chat, outside of our community or indeed within the MAD COW NETWORK CHAT ROOM  itself, that a lot of what takes place in the chat room should likely be left at the exit, when returning to your outside Life.

(I find that my brain switches on and off within the chat room, depending on the context of any discussion/ conversation on chat taking place-sometimes you are lucky to get a good intellectual conversation /topic, but suggest if you require brain feed-  you may participate on our wonderful forums instead of the "random useless b+!l*x" of Our Chat room, which claims no such intellectual conversing because most of us in there just want to be silly and chat about silly things after a long slog at work.

As for the most part, on Our Chat room, there is no set topic, it definitely IS random. Not the same can be said for other places of chat, I have been to a few, where topics are set, and the discussion gets so heated it gets out of control and then drama rules and the 'short bus' arrives often, filled with teenagers who are hell bent on baiting you into an argument. Thankfully our chat room is Moderated and though it openly welcomes those of all faiths, and denominations of life, drama is at least here, kept to a minimum.

However you are welcome to Private Message each other to discuss your debate discussion or take it to our debate forum which is where heated discussions and in-depth discussions ensue, from Politics to other News Topics and more.


the "do you have cam" line of question is likely to be considered as rule breaking- and will come under "harassment and sexual solicitation" so please refrain from that type of chat. Alter your profile on the forum so that you only allow certain people (eg friends) to contact you. If you have any issues, please take it to one of our staff.

You have the option- more specifically the CHOICE in our FORUMS (but unfortunately not on the chat room) whether to deal with those people or not- the "Friends and Foe" option as well as the report option is very clear- DO USE IT.

Rep points positive or negative may cause upset or on rare occasion, argument- this is up to you whether or not you wish to risk using it.  Misunderstandings in general happen all the time, every day on the chat room- this is because language and emotion is difficult to convey in text form.
If you are being funny, don't forget to use "LOL" or whatever to ease this problem though it is to be explained that not everyone will understand this either.

Do not post to annoy others, insult them or belittle them. If you are going to reply- be civil or refrain from typing. This is not rocket science people. If someone annoys/upsets you IRL then you'd likely find a way to ignore or whatever.

DO NOT BAIT people into arguments- you will BOTH be booted off site, regardless as to whose "fault" it is.

READ THE RULES and this thread thoroughly- there is little excuse for them to be broken. If you cannot read- you undoubtedly would not be here- so do read them and do ensure their clarity BEFORE you agree to the terms and conditions of this Site.

To be here and to use our chat room facility is a Privilege a -The Staff, the Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff reserve the right at any time to change, alter, delete, ban, and boot to this site at ANY TIME. You of course have the right to remove yourself from, or refrain from returning, -you do not have the right to complaint about rules - however IF you have a problem, or indeed with it's staff, take it through the appropriate channels, and keep it OFF the chat rooms and the forums, except within the allocated forum.

By being here, you have already agreed to everything we have asked and said in the ToS. You can of course request to be deleted, banned and refrain from ever being a part of Our Community again if you realise this is not the place for you.

I challenge you to find a fairer, free and more Community spirited place than this anywhere out there on the internet in existence today.

YOU, the members here, make this Community and Chat room what it is.

 So... Leave your cr@p at the door and ignore Life's rubbish- you'll be fine! If not, and you cannot live by the general RESPECT ALL rule,  the exit can be found top right "X" marks the spot.

NOTICE-This is the way Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff deals with Rule Infractions:

Just to say first off that though I am Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff, there are other Site staff, called Moderators. Foremostly we are here to ensure you are happy. Moderators have unfortunately been given bad names on some sites. But some of that reputation on those unmentioned sites are well deserved. Our Staff are fair, and friendly and not deserving of any bad reputation at all. They are your helpers, your guides, -it's true that they can "tell you off" but it is rarely needed here, you have to do something really bad to get told off. Don't worry!

The Moderators here all have the power to edit posts, and tell you off, but the Bannings come from myself, as Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff. They do not have ban-power, so If a member is banned it is because I did it, and I reserve that right alone. I mostly keep the site running and post topics and organise the forum. I would prefer there never needing to be any Moderators, but they are not just rule-enforcers they are site advisors and keep this forum running smoothly. They are guides. There to sort out issues and help you settle in, they are NOT the enemy. They are to be treated with respect, and they shall be respectful and treat everyone the same.

None of the Staff here are above the rules. If you have an issue with a member of the Staffing team DO bring this to my attention straight away and provide any evidences to back your compliant up. Do not just complain because you don't like that member of Staff. ALL Complaints will be taken seriously and the appropriate action will be taken upon decision.

Moderators can and may perform actions in the following order:-warn>edit>take it to Report/suspension forum for Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff to Suspend/Ban.

*LANGUAGE- spoken-English across the community and on the Chat room.
*CONTENT/PROFANITY-Content must be non-crude nor vulgar content, family friendly -non excessive profanity.
*DISCRIMINATION/PREJUDICE-Content must be non-discriminatory- no racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. You can be instantly suspended for this. Your account terminated if this behaviour continues.
*LINKS-are allowed with the EXCEPTION of those to hate sites/pornographic sites etc.-You can be suspended and your account terminated for this.
*MISREPRESENTATIONS-this covers misrepresentation of age, and of course pretending to be Celebrities etc-You will be warned, a message will be sent asking you to change it, if you do not you will be reported and Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff will be notified and they may Suspend/Terminate your account.
*CLONING, dual accounts, pretending to be celebrities etc/you may however have Celebrity pics up but you cannot pretend to be them.-Your account may be Terminated and the information passed onto the necessarry authorities.
*SPAMMING- this includes the repetition of sentences, lines, smiley faces/emote-usage, non-readable sentences, -You will be warned and if it continues your account may be terminated.
*PERSONAL INFORMATION-this is not allowed nor is it advised. This includes personal emails, telephone numbers and addresses etc.-Content may be deleted by Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff.
*SOLICITATION-Sexually or Selling is prohibited in any form. You will be instantly Suspended and your Account may well be Terminated.
*RESPECT for all-Is the general Rule.-Trolling, baiting, fighting, arguing inclusive-You can be warned, and possiby both parties involved, suspended for this.
*The FLAGGING (REPORT) system is also available to report a post or Member.

*Personal Note-
Please do read the rules page, the terms of service/conditions of sign-up.  If you have an issue with Myself, my Staff or another Member here, as forementioned above, you can either write to me directly in the Private Message system via my profile OR alternatively You can take it through the correct channels -the forum.
*DO NOT start complaining in the Chat rooms. These will fall upon thick skin and deaf ears both. Please also welcome New Members- and set a good example in the way that you behave.

If I or a member of Staff does not answer you straight away, then learn to have some Patience please. We are very likely either working or Moderating elsewhere, offline working, A.F.K or talking to someone else. We WILL get back to you A.S.A.P.-just don't start getting upset because the attention is not on you. We all  have lives, and We expect you to have one too.
*ALL ACTIONS ARE LOGGED-this is done to be kept for future reference/the content may need to be forward to the relevant authorities inside/outside of the Poe Tree Community. This also means that you cannot lay claim to something which is untrue and false.

MAD COW NETWORK COMMUNITY STAFF Chat room 'Evacuation plan' is as follows: Run. And run fast. 


-your choices as they say define you,

-All actions have equal and opposite reactions, thus be wary of them at all times.

-So you are a member here,- WELCOME!


It is therefore Our pleasure to welcome you to MAD COW NETWORK chat room...



You must register at our chat room for a better experience. You can enter through the portal (link provided in the chat room thread) and you do have the option of using the room as a guest although as stated, registering will allow you to be a trusted member.
As said, MAD COW NETWORK CHAT is just one room. You do have the option to private chat with another member by clicking their name. You have the option to roam the other rooms, which are not affiliated in any way with Our Community specifically, and as such the Staff of those rooms are not Moderators here.

You are welcome to use the MAD COW NETWORK room or any of the rooms listed within the external chat site but you must ensure you adhere to the rules at all times, as it could reflect poorly on Our Community, and of course, yourself.
If you need assistance then ask.

To Enter MAD COW NETWORK Chat Room go to the MAD COW NETWORK CHAT thread. :)Stay safe.

Welcome to Mad Cow Network Social Community.

~You don't have to be mad here...but most of us are.~

"Join us! - The moo'r the merrier!"

Please Message if you need anything. Here to help!

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PostSubject: Re: MAD COW NETWORK Chat Rules and Nettiquete Information READ FIRST   Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:13 am

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Welcome to Mad Cow Network Social Community.

~You don't have to be mad here...but most of us are.~

"Join us! - The moo'r the merrier!"

Please Message if you need anything. Here to help!
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MAD COW NETWORK Chat Rules and Nettiquete Information READ FIRST
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