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PostSubject: ******SITE RULES PLEASE READ ******   Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:18 am


Like any Social Network there are some thinigs you should know first and read BEFORE you agree to sign up.

MAD COW NETWORK has an extension portal into a chat site. This is because we hope to extend community feel. We have a room within that chat site, but are independent from the main site itself, and as such we do not share specifically, the same rules, so you must note these both upon registering.

We ask in good faith that you Register here, AND in our chat room.

The pros of Joining

More friends
Extended Community
Friendly user created and fixed community Rooms
Make your own Chat room
Private chat
Guest appearance and Register ability

The cons-

MAD COW NETWORK and the main chat site have diferent Rules
Due to the main chat site size, Moderators are not always available in other rooms, but Our room IS Moderated.
Moderators in other rooms and on the main chat site are different from MAD COW NETWORK Moderators.

There are far more reasons to join than not. So Register now and start building the community you want. It's that simple!!


The only information we collect here is what you give us. Be aware of the small print, by reading this thread thoroughly. We welcome feedback and are happy to answer any questions you might have.
You can contact us by going to the HOME page at the bottom and clicking the CONTACT US link.


If you cannot read- you undoubtedly would not be here- so please do read them and do ensure their clarity BEFORE you agree to the terms and conditions of this Site. We accept no excuses for you not having read them.

I am happy to welcome you into the Community here!

This community is brand new-and was born on 18/01/2013 which is our OFFICIAL Birthday.

>> If you have joined to find this is a quiet forum, please do not be alarmed.  It will pick up -don't let it put you off, there will be plenty of topics for you to get involved with, from News, to Fun In-house Competitions and more. You are welcome to make your own threads to begin a discussion, and to invite friends over!

I have been to many places On Line and across the internet. Many of those places had many rules, some of which seemed unclear and even complicated for the members to understand and follow. After having learned from this, I am happy to announce that this site has one main rule, and the rest are pretty much just common sense.  


I place a recommended guide sign up age of 18 years+  though it is important for people to understand there is no way to police that as a rule, so I ask for you to take this into consideration when participating, because there may be minors present. As such I am particularly aware of protecting our members, and I take bullying and harassment reports and issues VERY seriously.  For concerned parents please feel free to contact my Staff.

This community welcomes those of all races, colours, creeds, backgrounds; religious backgrounds; in fact it welcomes you all, because it is a tolerant, respectful and friendly community.

I will not tolerate the obvious violations, which are given on signing up in the Terms of Service (ToS,) which include such as: Plagiarism (Theft of someone else's work, passed off as your own) Discrimination, Harassments, Religious Conversion (Proselytising,) Spamming, Hatred, Bullying, Solicitation, Sexual Based chat, Pornographic and graphic explicit languages or imagery, and you will be banned from the Site if you violate such things.

It is a welcoming, tolerant, not discriminative community and it is not filled with drama or spammers.

It is a safe, friendly place, where you can be you, without being bullied or judged for it. It is a place which welcomes all those willing to engage others in decent conversation. And guess what? It's OK if you want to be a little bit silly too. "You don't have to be mad here...but most are"  That is the point. To have fun and giggle.

I wish you all the best here at the MAD COW NETWORK and now I hand you over to the rest of the Moderating staff.


Further Advice

The giggle Theory-Do try to be polite- and maybe just maybe you'll be lucky enough to get some politeness back. As for respect, we expect this from the start. If you have nothing pleasant to say, then don't type.

When you visit other places of chat on the internet, Chat etiquette (nicknames NETiquette) has long been an unfortunate myth, it seems.[/u]
But here you will find a real community feel.

It should be said though, in any place of chat, outside of our community or indeed within the the MAD COW NETWORK  chat room itself, that a lot of what takes place in the chat room itself should likely be left at the exit, when returning to your outside Life. (In other words take it all in your stride.)

As for the most part, in Our Chat room, which is contained within a larger Chat site, (not the shout box at the bottom of the Home page) , there is no set topic, so it may be random. Not the same can be said for other places of chat, I have been to a few, where topics are set, and the discussion gets so heated it gets out of control and then drama rules and it is filled with some who are hell bent on baiting you into an argument. Thankfully our chat room is Moderated with Staff I have personally chosen to deal with that Room, as is the Shout Box on the Home page, to ensure drama is at least here, kept to a minimum.

However you are welcome to Private Message each other, here, to discuss your debate discussion or take it to our debate forum which is where heated discussions and in-depth discussions ensue, from Politics to other News Topics and more.  

Misunderstandings in general happen all the time, every day on the chat room- this is because language and emotion is difficult to convey in text form.

If you are being funny, don't forget to use "LOL" or whatever to ease this problem though it is to be explained that not everyone will understand this either.

Do not post to annoy others, insult them or belittle them. If you are going to reply- be civil or refrain from typing. This is not rocket science people. If someone annoys/upsets you IRL then you'd likely find a way to ignore or whatever.

YOU, the members here, make this Community and Chat site what it is.

You have the right to Unfriend people, ignore them as you choose at any time.
By being a member of this community, you agree to report inappropriate posts via the  < ! > button which sends an immediate report.

I am Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff, but there are other Site staff, called Moderators.

Fore-mostly we are here to ensure you are happy. Moderators have unfortunately been given bad names on some sites, with the word "Moderator" sending shudders of disgust through some peoples spines. And while it is true that some of that reputation on those unmentioned sites are well deserved,
Our Staff are fair, and friendly and not deserving of any bad reputation at all.

Here, they are your helpers, your guides, MAD COW NETWORK Moderators all have the power to edit posts, but the Bans come from myself. If a member is banned it is because I did it, and I reserve that right alone.  Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff's task is mostly keep the site running and post topics and organise the forum. [/b]

-your choices as they say define you.


Disclaimer-To be here is a Privilege -The Staff, and the Head of MAD COW NETWORK Staff reserve the right at any time to change, alter, delete, Suspend, Terminate, any account or information from this site at ANY TIME. You of course have the right to remove yourself from, or refrain from returning, -you do not have the right to complain about rules or ToS - however IF you have a problem, or indeed with it's staff, take it through the appropriate channels, via the link found at the bottom of the Home page and keep it OFF the chat rooms and the forums, except within the allocated forum.


Welcome to Mad Cow Network Social Community.

~You don't have to be mad here...but most of us are.~

"Join us! - The moo'r the merrier!"

Please Message if you need anything. Here to help!
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