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 Whether you are an Aspiring or Professional......

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PostSubject: Whether you are an Aspiring or Professional......   Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:52 am

Whether you are an Aspiring or Professional Writer/Artist, etc.

Don't wait, 
Nor hesitate,

Get creating something, be it a Story, an Article, a Blog etc.
Make a thread and get started!

<Remember the Laws on Copyright- DO NOT post anything that you do no have expressed permission -LEGAL permission to post. If you are caught Plagiarising we will ban you from the Forum Permanently and also give your details to the Relevant Authorities. DON'T DO IT. This means that you cannot use images, post lyrics or Poetry or Writings by other Authors either edit or change anything without their permission in writing. If you wish to post references to a particular Artist/Author you may write a very small part and give links to their works as well as give credit to them. This must be clear. If this is not done your post will be edited and removed and you may be banned. This is definitely not tolerated here.

Welcome to Mad Cow Network Social Community.

~You don't have to be mad here...but most of us are.~

"Join us! - The moo'r the merrier!"

Please Message if you need anything. Here to help!
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Whether you are an Aspiring or Professional......
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