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 The OCC (Oakwood Creative Conscious)

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This is is Kathleen Oakwood's Fun Short Children's Stories Section.

Contents include:
Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz and Bizzwizz
It's Your Fault!
Sly and Syd

<Some of these Stories are set in  'ELVALON' which is the Magical land setting for the 'FAE'S QUEST' Children's Series.>

Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz and Bizzwizz
By Kathleen Oakwood
(A Children's Story about Sharing and Caring, written in semi-Rhyme style)

It was the Summer of hope, in Elvalon, which is a land, filled with Fairies and Elves and other magical creatures....

<You might remember the story about little Fairy Fae, and her friends, and her adventure about the magic wand.

This though, is the story about Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz, a Bee, and his friends Bizzwizz the Wasp and of course the Queen of the Bee Hive, Miss Honey.

The Queen of the Hive, Miss Honey was Bee-utiful, with her fuzzy long golden hairs, which were made the lovely yellow-golden colour by the pollen collected by the rest of the Hive Bees.

The year before, there was not enough pollen to go around because that bizzy-body pest Bizzwizz the Wasp, and his friends had stolen it all for themselves, in their greed. As a result, Queen Honey and Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz and all the other Bees did not do very well at all.

This year, there seemed to be plenty of pollen to go around, but Queen Honey and her small collection of Bees were so few that they did not have enough Bees to collect what they needed. This was a huge problem for their Bee Hive.

All the other Hives in Elvalon were large Hives, and they had many Bees. Because of the year before, Bizzwizz and his Waspy friends had not only stolen all the pollen for themselves, but they had raided Queen Honey's Hive and stolen all the Young Bees! This meant that the stolen Bees would become Wasps, and a part of the Wasp-clan.>

'What are we going to do?' Cried Queen Honey sobbing to her Bees, and she fell crying to her three pairs of knees.
One of the workers stepped forward and spoke. 'Your Majesty, may I speak to thee?' And he voiced his concern after clearing his throat.

'Might I remind of a year before, back when we were raided, and our Children were no more.' The worker Bee bowed, and edged back into the Hive crowd.
'You're right,' said Queen Honey, 'and we should prepare, in case the Wasps return.' She said stroking her golden hairs.

'Perhaps this year they'll let us bee.' Spoke one to the other, of the crowd of Bees.
'Your Majesty, might I?' Said a guard wearing a black collar tie.
'Of course you can,' she said. 'We surely need to make a plan!'

So the Guard stepped forward and had his say, and then went on his bee-way.
'Well that's an idea.' She said to them all, though some of the Bees they looked quite appalled.
'But your Majesty we cannot allow that Wasp to help.' One of the Bees in the crowd spoke.
'Yes your Majesty! Said another, 'That's right, what that Guard suggested is a joke!'

But Queen Honey turned to her gathered crowd, and said in a voice that was rather loud; 'Forgiveness is something we should all learn, if we are to collect the pollen for which we yearn, also,' she said now turning her head, 'Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz you know Bizzwizz don't you dear?'
And Fuzzy looked worried for a moment it was clear. 'Yes Queen Honey, I surely do, but what do you need me for?' He had no clue.

'Well I'd like you to go and ask him to help us, and try and offer him our sincerest trust.'
Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz bowed and right away went, and along the way a penny he spent. For he saw the most wonderful Honey Comb, and he wrapped it carefully in some leaves, and he thought he might take it back home, as a gift to Queen Honey, for being so Bee-utiful, and of course, she might even reward him for being so dutiful. Along the way he passed some Wasps, and bowed, and they just laughed in his presence, so loud.

'What do you bow to us for? You're a Bee and we are WASPS and what's more,' they said to him and stopped in their tracks, 'we dislike you Bees, that's why we do attack.'

But Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz continued along the path to find Bizzwizz and hope he wouldn't mind, about being asked to help Queen Honey and the other Bees, but Bizzwizz thought it was just funny.

'You must be joking right Fuzzy Buzzy?' He said, as he ruffled the fluff upon the Bees poor head.
'Actually no, it isn't a joke,' and the Bee straightened his fuzzy fluff and spoke, 'Her Majesty really needs your help, to collect the pollen this year, but there is not enough of us we fear.'

'Wow.' Said Bizzwizz and taken aback he rested an arm upon Fuzzy's Bee-back. 'Right then we must together work, and please don't go beserk, I only did what I had to do, it was orders you see and I know that's no good to you.'

'What's done is done.' Said Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz to Bizzwizz,' the two of them talking about the
bizz-ness, of collecting the pollen together as friends, not as enemies like back then.

'So firstly I will gather my clan.' Said Bizzwizz to Fuzzy; 'Now that's a plan!'
So they went and they gathered all of the Wasps together, and set about on their journey to endeavour.

<So off they went now the Bee and the Wasp, and planned how they would get the others to help. Back in the Wasp clan Bizzwizz took the responsibility of telling the other Wasps their duty as he was an important Wasp. Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz almost hid behind Bizzwizz when the Wasps began to laugh.>

'No way are we going to help! Those Silly Bees and THAT little Whelp!' And they pointed to the hiding Bee that was behind one of Bizzwizz's knees.
'Right listen.' Said the Wasp, angering a bit. 'You'll all do as you’re told now or that is it!''

And Bizzwizz shouted with hands on his Wasp-hips. 'So how do we collect it, I will need tips.'
So they all sat and pondered and thought about the plan. And in the end they decided to help, they said to them;

'We can.'

So off went Bizzwizz and Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz too, and they collected the pollen using buckets made of bells which were blue. 'That's working so fine!' Said one Wasp to another. (As it turned out that Wasp was his brother.)

'Who knew that we could work together side by side, and who knew that we could still keep our pride?'

They gathered all the pollen they could, and then they shook each others hands, like true friends should.
'Queen Honey will be so very pleased.'
'Oh won't she just!' One Wasp still teased. But Bizzwizz glared at his Wasp kin and chuckled and said, 'Beehive yourself or you'll loose MY trust.'

And that Wasp never uttered another bad word again, and then it began to gently rain. So they gathered their heavy buckets and flew, back to their Hives, to count their pollen through.
When they had finished the counting of it, they divided each portion into bits.

'That one is for you, and you, and you.' Said one Wasp handing them the sticky glue.
'Oh thank you so much my friend.' Said they, and then went on their Waspy-way. And another was given his share also, and he too said thanks, it is true.

But the end of the hour the rain had stopped its shower, and each and every single little flower, had opened.

'Isn't this just a glorious land?' One Wasp said to her Partner and taking his hand, she gave him a kiss upon his Waspy cheek, and he couldn't find the words to speak.

Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz and Bizzwizz looked at the couple and knew, that this day would be remembered the whole Hive through, and theyalso remembered because they had made, friends together, and to this day they stayed. And never again did they steal from each other, instead they had learned to share, sister and brother, and father and mother, and they had learned how to care.

So they took the Queen's portion back to the Hive, and when they arrived they both went inside.
And the wispy Wasp Bizzwizz fell too his dirtied knees, and said to the Queen;

'If your Maj does please, I have seen the error of my ways, and if there is anything I can do to repay, this debt forever that I will owe, but I am your friend now, so you know.' And a lonely tear fell down his fuzzy cheek, and the Queen she rose from her seat.

'I see this gift that you've brought to me and my Hive, and now our young will stay alive. I thank you kindly for all everything, and I promise that You I'll not sting.'

And she took a hand on the Waspy critter, and then his wings began to twitter, he stood upon his own, and Fuzzy Buzzwuzz elbowed him and handed him the Comb. 'For the Queen,' he said and edged him on, even thought it did not belong to Bizzwizz but this was an act, of selflessness and a friendship pact.

'Your Royal Highness,' said Bizzwizz to the Queen, who peered at the package in his hand so keen.
'A present to thee, my Dearest Lady Bee.'

And the Queen she smiled and opened the leaves, and gasped at the contents with disbelief.
'Oh my, it's Bee-utiful!' She exclaimed, with a tear in her eye. And then out of the blue it seemed, Queen Honey Bee hugged Bizzwizz, and his smile beamed. And Fuzzy Buzz-wuzz smiled too along with everyone else, and Queen Honey placed it upon her golden shelf.

'We must ensure we meet again my dear.' And at that moment the Wasp, he dried his sorrowful tear. For it had became so clear...

<It's better to share and its better to care, than be a pest and behave unfair. It's much better to make a friend than an enemy, and that's the end of this story.>


It's Your Fault
By Kathleen Oakwood

(A short Children's story about sibling rivalry and family life.)

Evelyn and Andrew sat looking at each other from across the table, miserably.
"I don't want the red piece." said Andrew.
"Well I don't want the blue piece." replied Evelyn.
"Why don't you swap pieces or choose another colour?" said their mother, pointing to the game board.
"OK. I'll have the yellow piece then." Andrew said, grabbing at it before Evelyn could get to it.

Later, Dad arrived home and it was time for their weekly after school activities.  Evelyn had Ballet class and Andrew had his usual Football practise.
There was a bit of a mix up when Andrew pulled out a pink Tutu and a pair of Satin Ballet shoes.  Evelyn only found a t shirt, shorts and a pair of Studded boots.  Not at all what they had expected.

Both Evelyn and Andrew were very upset about it, and by the time home-time finally came, and both children were in an awful mood.
"That is enough, both of you." Called Mum from the Kitchen hatch.

"You swapped them deliberately!" Shouted Andrew at his sobbing sister.
"No I didn't! It was you! Liar!" Roared Evelyn hitting her brother in the ribs with a cushion, and hard.
Andrew, red faced and slightly winded grabbed another from the sofa and held it at his sister threateningly in retort.

"What on Earth are you two arguing about?" Asked Dad glancing over the top of the newspaper,
"Evelyn took-" they both started.

"All right. One at a time, Andrew first." said Dad, folding the newspaper and replacing it on the table.
"Evelyn took my sports kit and it's all her fault!" cried Andrew, now throwing the cushion back at her.
"That's not true!" Evelyn called as she ducked to avoid the pelting.
"Yes it is! Where's my kit?" Andrew interrogated.
"But Dad Andrew took my ballet dress and I had to wear his t shirt and shorts and everyone laughed..." Evelyn said slumping onto the sofa, teary-eyed.
"I didn't!" Andrew stormed.

Dad sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Well next time we will check the bags."
Mum, who was cooking in the kitchen had heard this commotion and came through the door hands on hips frowning.

"Actually..." she started. "I forgot to tell your father whose bag was whose. I gather none of you checked them either."
Dad, who picked up on her rhetoric escaped her glare and went to the kitchen. The children looked at each other for a moment, still angry.

"Dinner's done now." Mum said. "Go get yourselves washed up."

At the dinner table, it was quiet, until Dad got the giggles then said:
"Well, at least the coach didn't make Andrew wear your pink tutu."


Sly and Syd
By Kathleen Oakwood

(A short Children's  story about friendship.)

Set in Elvalon, the Magical land, mentioned in previous stories By Kathleen Oakwood, such as' FAE'S QUEST' and more recently 'FUZZY BUZZ-WUZZ AND BIZZWIZZ' This Story is told...
Sly didn't want to be a Slug. People didn't like Slugs very much, and because of that, he didn't have many friends. Even the Snails did not like the Slugs.

One rainy day Sly was slugging through the tall blades of grass when he came across an Ant.

"Hello." said Sly, but the Ant named Anthony, ignored him and scurried away. Sly slid on and came across a Beetle named Bob.

"Hello, how are you?" asked Sly with a smile.  But Bob ignored him too and ran off into the undergrowth.

Sly knew everyone, but nobody really knew Sly. He sighed sadly and stopped.
"Am I that awful?" he wondered to himself and started to cry.

Syd the Snail who was passing through too, saw Sly and stopped next to him.

"What's the matter Sly?" he asked the sobbing Slug.
"Everyone thinks I am horrid, nobody wants to talk to me, and I have no friends." he explained to Syd.

Syd asked him why he thought nobody liked him very much. "Because I am just a boring Slug. I want to be a Snail instead! People don't mind Snails as much." sobbed Sly.

Syd didn't laugh like everyone else, Syd did not think like the other Snails either, nor did he slide away ignoring Sly. He stayed and listened and they talked and talked about all kinds of things until the rain had stopped.

The next day Sly and Syd met up at the familiar Dandelion patch, where they shared a leaf.  Syd and Sly decided they would go and find a spot to rest in away from the heat of the sun, but on the way Syd tripped over a stone, and landed on his shell.

"Oh no!" he cried. "My shell is broken."
Sly saw how upset this made Syd and felt bad for him.
"Stay here," he said with a comforting tone, "I will go and get some help."

Sly slimed as fast as he could possibly go and then realised he was lost. Sly worried about Syd being out in the hot sun without his shell to protect him.  Eventually Sly came to a gigantic tree which was littered with large rocks at the bottom. The perfect place to find other Snails to help, he thought.  The sun disappeared for a moment behnd a cloud. None of the Snails wanted to listen to Syd. He was a Slug. Sly left the area and went on in his hunt for help for Syd who had broken his shell.

Soon Sly came to a river and it had very wet muddy banks. He didn't mind about it being slippery though; he was used to it, being a Slug. Just then the sun came out from behind the cloud and something sparkled in its light.

"What is that?" he thought aloud and went over to look at it.  His eyes grew wide and he smiled joyfully. It was a beautiful shell. But Sly realised this shell did not have an owner, and it was very empty. In fact he could see no reason why it would not be a perfectly good home for Syd.

Sly lugged the shell onto his back and turned to go back to find Syd.  On the way back, everyone who passed stopped and smiled and had spoken to Sly. Sly had explained his story and they had all been very kind to him. Sly slid as fast as he could past the tree, through the tall grass which was familiar to him.

He arrived and Syd was still sobbing, exactly where Sly had left him earlier. Sly stopped and Syd did not stop his crying.

"Are you going to be mean to me too?" he asked teary-eyed.
"Of course not, why would anyone be mean to you?" asked Sly confused.
"Because people think I am horrible." said Syd.
"Why would they think that?" asked Sly.
"Because." he said sobbing louder than ever.
Sly looked at him and then said..."You don't know who I am do you?"
"No." said Syd looking at him.
Sly laughed. "What about my shell?" he asked. Do you like it?"
"Oh yes!" said Syd. "It is lovely. I used to have one but it is broken."
"Well this shell isn't mine" said Sly smiling. "It's yours."
Syd stopped crying for a moment.
"What do you mean?" he asked curiously.
"I found a new one for you!" laughed Sly. "It's me, Sly!"
Syd looked stunned and then began to cry again.
"What's the matter, don't you like it? Is it the wrong size? -I can look again." offered Sly.
"It is perfect thank you!" he exclaimed happily.
"Well don't slug around, try it on." said Sly handing it over to Syd.

Syd tried it on and it fit wonderfully. He thanked Sly again and slid around and around admiring his brand new shell.

"But what about you Sly? Shall we look for a shell for you too? I know you want to be a Snail too." asked Syd.

"I have seen what it is like to be a Snail today. As fun as that was I would find it far too heavy to carry it around all day."

They both laughed until sundown and were happy.

For Syd had gained a new shell, and Sly had gained a friend.


Kathleen Welcomes' comments and Reviews.

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